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The embellishment of any mosaic is closely followed in all its phases.
floor, wall and self-carrying mosaic are realized with different kind of materials : marble, smalti tiles, river stone, golds, etc
Always projected and realized with technical skilfulness, are made using a direct or non-direct technique after a series of style and technical valuation we make about any single case.
If the mosaic is big-sized may be realized in different and separated sections, then transported and permanently fixed with the proper adhesives in the definitive collocation.
We prefer to make a personal inspection in the place the mosaic will be installed, otherwise we recommend to give us a good amount of information about the place, in order to obtain a perfect harmony between the mosaic and the surrounding. We don't want to neglect any possible technical choice could be useful for the final result of the project.
We are able to realize old Venetian-style mosaic that need a perfect and consolidated skilfulness that allows the creation of artistic and reliable portraits made with Italian smalti.


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